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Dear Moms,

I would like to share with you my story about the creation of a beautiful and special product which benefits and empowers many moms here in little Israel. A product that enables them to go out of the house feeling good and secure.

My name is Noa, I am a mother of two precious children whom I have breastfed (one at a time). Besides the joy of giving and nourishing my babies I experienced an uncomfortable side-effect. I felt like an unpredictable leaking faucet attracting babies and kittens alike. A new wardrobe of vests and scarfs emerged, which I wore over my sweaty body just to make sure no one sees those annoying little milk puddles. You know how it is, going to the supermarket only moments after breastfeeding, wearing the nursing apron for a while longer in the cafe, even though the little bundle of joy is already sleeping in the baby carriage.

The after-birth pride and the desire to walk with the little ones around town, both had to stay home, next to a burp cloth and a pack of itchy, disposable nursing pads. Mother milk excess is not something to complain about, not even in mother meetings. But yet, it is a problem.

I tried out many options but none of them gave me the comfort needed for such an intimate situation. So I decided to take action! Various fabrics from distant lands made their way to my home, scissors worked overtime, my sewing machine sang its beautiful song and some of the few sleeping hours I was left with after a day looking after my kids were replaced with work. This all resulted in the birth of my reusable nursing pads Drops of sun!

Soon after, the nursing pads were packed nicely and made their way to many lovely moms who bought them at fairs, online or got them as gifts. The reactions were soon to follow - the beautiful mothers reported a significant improvement in wound conditions and sensitivity as well as an overall feeling of security and comfort that allowed them to leave the house with a smile. It feels so good to go for a walk with my kids and meet other mothers who are using the pads and are just on their way to buy a nice shirt!

So what makes Drops of sun so special?

The pads were created from a deep understanding of the situation and after a thorough research of moms’ needs which didn’t have the right solution. But mostly, because it is made by women for women.

We all know our breasts have different sizes.

Then why should we wear a “one size fits all” pad?!

Therefore, you can order our pads in different sizes: A, B, C, D or E.

Our absorbent pads will stay in place in your bra and will feel soft against your sensitive skin.

Not only that, they will look good doing so. The ergonomic design complements your

nourishing breasts’ natural shape and lets you wear whatever you feel like.


Our Drops of sun, nursing pads are composed of three layers:

The innermost layer is made of a wonderfully soft bamboo fabric which lets the milk heal the wounds and keeps the thrush away.


The highly absorbent middle layer is made of a unique material that absorbs the excessive milk.


The shaping outer layer keeps the milk inside the pad and keeps the breast looking natural and round.

This layer lets you wear whatever you want and avoids those unwanted bumps under your shirts and the milk stains on it.

Our reusable pads are easy to use and can be machine washed regularly without them losing their form or absorption abilities.

I invite you to spoil yourself with a present that will make you feel good, a present that is all about you!





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feel free to contact me on: tipa.shel.shemesh@gmail.com

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 Sonia Meiswinkel