• Absorbent nursing pad in your cup size!


    Absorbent pads in different cup sizes (A, B, C, D, E or F).

    The special ergonomic design complements your nourishing breasts’ natural shape and lets you wear whatever you feel like!


    Our nursing pads are a combination of three layers:

    The inner layer is made of a wonderfully soft bamboo fabric which lets the milk heal the nipples and comforts and nourishes your skin.


    The highly absorbent middle layer is made of a unique material with incredible absorbing power!


    The shaping outer layer keeps the milk inside the pad and stains away. It makes the breast look natural and round. This layer lets you wear whatever you wish without showing unwanted bumps under your shirt.


    Our reusable pads are easy to use and can be washed regularly without them losing their form or absorption abilities.


    Spoil yourself with this exclusive breastfeeding gift - you deserve it!

    our Our representative in germany: Sonia Meiswinkel 01774664047

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